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7 Things To Look For When Hiring An Ecommerce Agency In India

More than 2.14 billion users perform online shopping worldwide. That’s why hiring an ecommerce agency comes into the limelight. Finding the right ecommerce agency to partner with can be tricky. With so many options out there, how do you know which one is the best fit for your business? As an Indian ecommerce business owner, there are several key things you’ll want to evaluate when choosing an agency. 

Let’s break down the top 7 aspects to focus on:

1. Industry Experience

First, look for agencies with proven experience building, managing and marketing ecommerce stores similar to yours. Do they have expertise working with businesses in your specific niche, whether it’s fashion, consumer goods, technology, etc.? Deep knowledge of your vertical will lead to a more tailored and effective strategy. 

See if they’ve handled ecommerce stores of a comparable size and scale to yours. Working with enterprises requires different solutions than mom-and-pop shops. You want an agency that can meet the unique needs of a business like yours.

2. Technical Capabilities 

A quality agency should offer full-service ecommerce capabilities including things like:

– Ongoing technical support 

– Building online stores from scratch 

– Redesigning/enhancing existing stores

– Integrating high-performance features and functionality  

Ask about the platforms, frameworks and programming languages they use. Most agencies have specialised technical teams to handle complex store builds, so don’t hesitate to request examples of past work.

3. Performance Marketing Services

Beyond just setting up an online store, can the agency actually help attract visitors, convert them to customers and retain them over time? 

Over 90% – of website traffic is driven by search engines. Research also shows most searchers don’t look beyond the first page. 60% of users specifically click on one of the top three search listings.

Look for expertise in areas like SEO, paid ads, email marketing, social media marketing and more. A data-driven, integrated digital strategy is key for ecommerce success, so partner with an agency that goes beyond simple web design.  

4. Analytics & Reporting

You’ll want an agency that leverages hard data to guide decisions and demonstrate ROI. Ask how they track key ecommerce metrics and how often they provide performance reports.

The best agencies are fluent in analytics tools and can translate metrics into strategic recommendations tailored to your business. They should also set clear benchmarks so you understand what success looks like.

5. Cultural Fit 

The agency you choose to be an ecommerce partner must align with your company values, communication norms and work style. You want transparency and compatibility from the start to set the foundation for a trusting, successful long-term relationship. 

Have an open conversation about preferences and expectations around project timelines, meetings, decision authority and anything else important to your business. Address any mismatches early on.

6. Budget

E-commerce agencies range widely in terms of cost depending on the scope and complexity of services required. Be upfront about your budget constraints and get quotes from a few different agencies. 

Many offer tiered packages at different price points. Try to strike the right balance between your needs and affordability. Customizable à la carte services are another good option. 

7. Client References

Vet any potential agency thoroughly by requesting 2-3 client references you can contact. Speaking directly with current or past clients is invaluable for getting candid feedback on their work quality, communication skills and business partnership.

Ask clients questions like: Were projects completed on time and within budget? How responsive is the account team? Did the agency deliver measurable ROI? Would you recommend them?

Hiring an ecommerce agency (the right one) can provide immense strategic and operational support as you grow your online business. While the process takes effort upfront, the long-term payoff of finding an aligned, results-driven partner is well worth it.

Get in touch with Sellspell today and let us help you grow your ecommerce store.                                                                

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